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Speedy money transfers that offers same-day delivery to several countries globally.

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Xoom Company is owned by PayPal and has a reputation for speed. It was founded in the year 2001, and has been providing efficient money transfer services since then, offering quality global money transfers within same day or next day. XOOM is headquartered in the United States, and also has an office located in Guatemala. At the time that PayPal acquired the company in 2015, XOOM had about 1.3 million end-users within the U.S. alone. The company is known for offering global remittance services to individuals, delivering to folks – easy methods of transferring money to a number of nations – the world over. Should you have to compare foreign exchange rates, it will be clear that XOOM provides bank rates that beat others regularly.

While you have the opportunity to send funds from the United States to 63 countries, delivery options for transactions include depositing into bank accounts, cash for pickup, though based on the country.

The only drawback is that Xoom’s transfer costs seem to be more costly than those of its competitors in some locations.

Xoom Money Transfer limits:

The maximum amount for every money transfer with XOOM is $2,999. It offers $10 as the minimum for any transfer. Though XOOM daily limit begins from $2,999, it can be increased to about $9,999 for multiple transfers, each with a $2,999 limit – when you fully verify your account with more personal data like income & occupation statistics.

As mentioned Xoom transfer fees vary by payment method:

  • Bank account
  • A debit card or credit card
  • Cash pickup

While sending via bank account is inexpensive, money transfers are more costly than web-based competitors since the company charges exchange rates with higher markups. The markup is around 1% and 3 percent above mid-market rate. Meanwhile – other providers have markups that are less than 1 percent.

For clarification, the mid-market rate is defined as the exchange rate which banks utilize for swapping currencies between transactions. The majority of providers offer clients an exchange rate that is the mid-market rate and also an extra percentage/markup to make a gain on the transfer.

In a case scenario; let’s say the mid-market rate for the United States to Mexican pesos is 40 pesos per dollar, a 2 percent markup would mean that the provider is offering you 39.2 pesos for every dollar. Considering any fund transfer, note that the higher the markup, the lesser your recipient will receive in the local currency.

XOOM charges a $4.99 fee or lesser for bank accounts transfers to over 3/4 of its destinations, irrespective of the amount spent. When you want to fund transfers using debit or credit cards, this will cost about $149 fee to forward the maximum amount of $2,999. The precise charge varies by amount & also by location. Where XOOM does not charge users different fees in the case that you pay with a credit card instead of a debit card, the credit card company or issuer can nail on other fees such as interest & cash advance fees.

Money Transfer Sending Channels:

This can be done via the Xoom Android app and iOS app and website as well.

XOOM Customer Support:

Offers FAQs that’s clear and instructional,

Offers 24/7 live support,

Has no live chat…

XOOM as a global money transfer company organizes its website by location, thus you can see what fees and costs, and delivery options are available for any money transfer you wish to initiate. The precise transfer fees & exchange rates are clear and easy to view without even logging in. If you are a regular XOOM user, it provides a 2-step quick send feature to easily repeat a transfer that has been initiated previously.

As a XOOM client, you will find resources for customer support easily. The FAQs has well-ordered and clear categories and also comprises requirements for receiving & sending fund by location or country as well as guidelines on how to cancel transfers. XOOM customer service is 24/7 all through and the company’s support agents are able to communicate in good English, Spanish or Filipino. It, however, does not offer any live chat support online.

You can beat the general bank money transfer market rate by using XOOM for your money exchange and transactions. Note that while it provides the platform to send money to many locations worldwide, it only permits you to forward such funds from the U.S.A only. XOOM website offers access to diverse foreign languages, including those of Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese, and Vietnamese.

As a XOOM user, you can gain so much by utilizing its services in different situations. These include some of the following:

  • Sending funds to a friend or relative
  • Requesting and receiving fund from a friend or relative that resides in the U.S.A
  • Paying international bills from the United States
  • And for reloading an international mobile phone number; among others…

Using XOOM to send money globally, you will be charged transaction fees and the company also makes a profit whenever it converts your U.S. dollars to other currencies. These charges can vary based on location i.e. the destination country & the payment method. Let’s take a typical transfer charge sample based on a $200 forwarded.

UK Bank Account $4.99
Debit or credit card $4.99
Australia Bank Account $4.99
Debit or credit card $10.99
India Bank Account $2.99
Debit or credit card $4.99
Columbia Bank Account $4.99
Debit or credit card $5.99
Jamaica Bank Account $7.99
Debit or credit card $12.99

You are allowed to send money to the following countries from the United States when using Xoom:

While we are fully satisfied with the speed of transfer using XOOM services, few factors might hinder such turnaround time for a transaction. Such could include Xoom or the receiving bank needing additional details. It could also be as a result of holidays, working hours of banks, or inappropriate recipient data. The company provides a clear view of the duration or timeframe that it will take once you conclude your transfer. Obviously, a user will get mail notifications as the transfer progresses. You can also monitor or track the transaction progress at the Xoom website.

With XOOM, an end-user has the capacity to send a request for fund to the United States at any time; and this only requires an email address to initiate. Once you get your request initiated, the sender can then transfer the fund simply by utilizing a mobile device or a computer. As a user, you can send up to 3 requests daily, and up to 10 requests monthly.

When paying for any transfer transaction, remember that utilizing the bank account option is most affordable, and using credit/debit card payment options cost more. So in essence, you can utilize a PayPal-linked bank account, debit/credit card to pay for your transfer.

For Cancellation Options; Xoom allows you to cancel any transfer transaction in the event that it hasn’t gone through. Cancellations don’t attract penalty fees.

XOOM Coupons

The company offers ‘Refer a Friend program’ which allows you to earn a $20 Amazon e-Gift card whenever a person you refer to them utilizes its services to transfer $400 or much more.

Signing Up with Xoom is as follows:

Anyone is allowed to sign up with Xoom, and you can do so as a new customer or simply login with your PayPal account credentials. When signing up as a new customer, it is as simple as providing basic details like your full name, email address, phone number, and location of residence.

Security with XOOM

The company offers a money-back guarantee. It also operates its website relying on 128-bit encryption. This helps to secure data that users provide online. Its parent company ‘PayPal’ provides all fund transmission operations to Xoom. Xoom also operates with a number of reputable banks including those of Bank of America, HSBC, Bancolombia, BDO, and Wells Fargo.

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Xoom is an excellent online global payment option and we are fully okay recommending it to you with respect to security, speed of transfer and flexibility. For other awesome alternatives to XOOM, you can go through our general global money transfer payment reviews and comparison on this website.