Cash Management Account (CMA) is an excellent alternative to conventional banking. Run by non-banking financial service providers, CMA offers both service and features under one product. Moreover, it also comes with high-interest rates and low fees. All of these are available online. How great is that? 

Betterment is one of the leading CMA in the market. Therefore, you will definitely get the market best features and services from it. The best is the interest rate. For Betterment Everyday Savings, you will get 2.11%. Other accounts come with a steady 1.85% rate.

The account maintenance and other hidden fees are sometimes a nightmare for bricks and mortar banking customers. Now, you can forget about those while you are with Betterment. There are no monthly fees or minimum balance to maintain your Betterment account. 

With a worldwide-accepted Debit card, you can do transactions anywhere. The best thing is there is no ATM fee for using that card. It is already reimbursed. No matter how renowned your regular savings or checking account bank is, the card will charge you a lot for international transactions. 

The deposit or investment on Betterment is secured through FDIC insurance. Therefore, you are getting the same level of security and peace of mind like a conventional bank. 

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