CoinsHype Vs Wallets World Review & Comparison

Trading cryptocurrencies is irksome if not done right. It can be tricky and dangerous when you place the wrong foot into the business. Okay, enough of antagonising exchanges. Yes, it can indeed be unpredictable, but if you understand the concept of trading and choose the right exchange, you can win this game. There are many trading companies you have heard of, but they all make you confused as to which one will be fit for your criteria. Today we are doing a CoinsHype and Wallets World review and comparison to give you a better option as to which one to pick according to your needs. 

CoinsHype Review

CoinsHype Review - eCompareFX

As a little introduction to Coinshype, it is one of the most prominent trading platforms that offer an efficient way of trading, selling and buying digital cryptocurrencies. It has experiences with trading Bitcoin and Ethereum, two of the most important and most significant cryptocurrencies in the market. It’s quite understandable why people are into CoinsHype.


The fact that Coinshype is concise and has a no-nonsense pattern on the platform, which makes it a suitable candidate for the users. There are no gimmicks in it! What you see is honesty. They aren’t covered with advertisements and banners. The design is very logical and aesthetic. You will find a converter at the centre of the page, which is an important tool to convert your currencies. 

Account Types

For CoinsHype, you don’t have to choose separate accounts and waste your time. Like WalletsWorld, they only have one account package for everyone. So, there will be no prioritising or VIP accounts to get privileges; all users are treated equally.

CoinsHype requires your email to verify your account. For the verification, you will need to submit documents like ID, proof of address, credit or debit card and your pictures. After you have given them the required documents, they will proceed with the other formalities and set your account in no time. Lastly, it’s time for you to choose the payment option. Select the amount, and you are ready to buy the cryptocurrency, it’s that simple.

Educational tools

CoinsHype is very mindful about the education and the educational tools used to teach trading. Don’t worry if you are a complete newbie because CoinsHype understands that not everyone is pro at this. That’s why they pay extra attention to the newer investors and offer a lot of material for beginners. That said, even if you are experienced at this, you still need to study the trading market; therefore, CoinsHype also has a decent digital library of research materials for you. There is a FAQ page on the website which would prove helpful to you if you are stuck somewhere. If you don’t find the answer in the FAQ page, you can call their service support and seek help. If you need additional help, follow the How It Works section of the website for a step by step process on how to trade.


If you are thinking about purchasing Bitcoin, opening a Bitcoin/Ether wallet is a requirement. As for accepting payment, CoinsHype accepts wire transfers, BPAY and POLi payments. You can use AUD, EUR and USD for the payment process. The time needed for purchase depends on which payment option you choose; for example, wire transfers can take longer than BPAY. Once they receive payment confirmation, they will ask for some documents to verify your identity. After the formality ends, they proceed to set up an additional security step to make sure your account is protected. They charge a small fee for each payment and a minimal processing fee of any transaction. The best feature of funding with CoinsHype is that they have a Refund Policy. This means you can have a refund if your account is cancelled for any unexpected reason.


If you are stuck with a question that needs an answer, opt for shooting a message on Live Chat. The Live Chat is always at your services. You can also call customer support and talk to the experts about your issue, and they are there to solve it. Another valid but slow option is email. The reason I called it a slow option is because it might take 4 working days to respond, so if you need urgent help, email isn’t the way to go.

Wallets World Review

Wallets World Review: Should You Choose The Trading Platform?

Wallets World is another Australia based cryptocurrency trading platform. We have done a Wallets World review in detail before, so if you are interested, you can check that. Today, we will only be discussing the key things about this platform for the sake of comparison and your understanding. Like CoinsHype, it has a reputation for dealing with Bitcoin and Ethereum. Wallets World is still considered as one of the high-end platforms in Australia.


Wallets World’s online platform is very appealing and user-friendly. It is an immersive, well-articulated, neat-looking website with lots of useful information on display for the users. Like CoinsHype, it is mobile-friendly as well. The website upgrades regularly and keeps the users updated with new info and data. You can use the platform on both pc, phones and tablets.

Account Types

As I have mentioned earlier, Wallets World and CoinsHype share similar aspects when it comes to account packages – they only have one account package for each and every client. No gold, silver, diamond packages for the privileged and economy pack for the lesser ones. The process of opening an account is almost the same as CoinsHype, but the only difference is the multiple security measures that Wallets World offer. In previous Wallets World reviews, I have discussed this elaborately, do check.

Educational Tools

I have touched this on WalletsWorld reviews as well, Wallets World and CoinsHype share similar taste in educating their traders and investors. They offer video tutorials and various trading charts. The video tutorials are beginner-friendly and have loads of lessons included with interactive tools to help you connect to the experts. While charts are more for professional users, once you understand the trading strategy, you can easily understand the chart. With that being said, if you are a beginner, CoinsHype has more lessons and contents for you than Wallets World.


Like CoinsHype, Wallets World offers various payment options like wire transfer, credit/debit cards, etc. However, unlike CoinsHype, you do not need to make a Bitcoin/Ethereum wallet for purchasing Bitcoin or Ether. This alone makes things simpler and free of hassle. You also don’t need to pay a fee for every service they give, even if you have to pay, the charge is very low. Also, at Wallets world, the security and verification process is maximised by ten folds which can irritate you, but it’s the best way to ensure your safety.


There’s nothing new in here. What CoinsHype offers, this platform offers the same thing: Live Chat, Phone call and email. You can get instant replies from a chat representative no matter whenever you send a message. If you aren’t a text person and want the matter to sort by a phone conversation, just call their customer service. You can email them as well, and although it doesn’t take them 4 days to respond to your email, you do have to wait for 24 hours. If you don’t have that much time, it’s better to chat or call.

Final Verdict: CoinsHype or Wallets World?

The reaction is mixed. This is because they are very similar in many ways and yet have some differences. Here are the reasons why you should choose them.

Why choose CoinsHype?

  • Beginner-friendly platform
  • Offers refund 

Why choose Wallets World?

  • Has maximum security protection
  • Users don’t need to open a wallet for Bitcoin/Ether account


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