Cryptocurrency and Blockchain companies are now in the list of Global Unicorn Businesses

For the last few years, we have seen mere startups turning into billion-dollar Companies. Yes, Uber, Airbnb, Reddit all are included here. However, digital currency firms were not a part of this financial flourish. Recent studies found a change in the trend and at least two mainstream Cryptocurrency and Blockchain included in the global list of unicorn companies. 

Following the rise of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, digital currency management firms become one of the areas of expansion. Among the market leaders, BitMain and BitFury make their stand in the list of Unicorn companies. With assets more than billion dollars, both of these firms have a bright future in the market. 

BitMain is one of the market leaders in Cryptocurrency mining. It changes the mining with the introduction of ASIC chips for unearthing new coins. The only reason behind the slow expansion of this company is its failure to go to public. The IPO application is still pending; however, the company is on the move to revive the process. 

In contrast, BitFury is more onto Blockchain technology development and less on the proliferation of cryptocurrency mining hardware. The company is currently working on the development of different ecosystem facets including Lightning Network.    


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