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We are the most reliable online platform for review and comparison of Global Money Transfer Companies.

We Provide Factual Reviews for Money Transfer Service Providers Worldwide!

At eCompareFX – we are a team of review professionals and all we do is to provide exclusive unbiased reviews for only the best service providers – so that you can have peace of mind knowing well that you are dealing with the right company that will deliver special services and yet help you save money in the short and long run. These companies are the very ones that lead in the marketplace and are dominant providers that offer end-users favorable business outcomes. We do our best – making sure these reviews and comparisons cover areas that comprise issues such as:

  • Advantages of using company A against company B
  • Security matters
  • Fee structures
  • Currencies presented
  • Speed of money transfer
  • Customer support
  • Ease of usage and ways of signing up
  • Discount deals, or coupons availability, among others

Our Objective and Mission is a global review portal dedicated to providing reviews for Global Money Transfer Companies. We are a trusted online review and comparison site for global leading money transfer providers, and we take pride in delivering accurate and handy information that help businesses and individuals ‘take & make’ correct choices.

We all know that majority of the giant financial institutions operate with hidden and huge fees amidst their appalling exchange rates. With their bureaucratic activities comprising Telegraphic or Foreign Wire Transfers; we all are aware of their transaction procedures that are slow and pricey. mission is to ensure individuals and business owners are able to save much cash on fees – simply by checking out the best and most reasonably priced International Money Transfer Companies available in their location or country. Right here, we don’t compromise – thus we provide the best reviews & comparisons for the best companies out there.

Whether you are in China, India, Canada, Germany or the United States, among other countries of the world, right here, you will get the best option for transferring and initiating transactions that is better than the banks.

Why Reviews & Comparisons of Global Money Transfer Companies is Important

When you come across genuine company reviews in this context, this will help you instantly make up your mind on what service provider to use, and the one to avoid. We provide you this service – delivering company-to-company reviews and comparison, so you enjoy smooth business transactions with your choice company. The review content also helps you understand the closest competitor of your favorite provider within your location or country.

Providing Exclusive Guide to Global Money & Bank Wire Transfer provides exclusive guide based on the following:

  • Guiding you correctly to avoid being ripped-off by the big financial institutions with regards to transferring money globally.
  • Offering you a wide range of providers list to choose from.
  • Offering you the platform to choose and partner with the right provider(s) within your location or country.
  • Guide to help you save loads of cash when sending funds overseas.

As it is our duty to offer you specific country-to-country guide in this framework, we guarantee that these guides are the best you will ever get and they will definitely aid you in finding and choosing the best global money transfer service provider for your business or personal use.

International Money Transfer Companies Reviewed by eCompareFX

Our Standard of reviewing the companies

At eCompareFX, we review and compare the best companies so that you can SAVE big on Fees When Sending Money Abroad

We have a standard for reviewing the companies listed on this website, and these are based on vital parameters to everyone’s benefits. We are all aware that the global money transfer marketplace is crammed with competition, and this makes it a bit difficult for folks to choose the ideal service provider. Our goal is to help you get it right by helping you to take the guesswork out of choosing an international money transfer company for your next cash transfer.

The review data published on this website is as a result of thorough research, meaning we keep to the highest standard when reviewing the companies listed. What you find here provides perfect options that can lead to savings in time & cash.

What is 100% certain here is that you will get only the best providers in the industry on this website. You are sure to find that ideal alternative to your local bank! As an ongoing process to keep this updated regularly, we have every good reason to review and compare within the standards as follows:


Transfer Speed

This has to do with time factor! You have to understand clearly that it isn’t every transfer method that delivers same turnaround time. Some service providers might take much longer to process a transfer while others in comparison might take much quicker outcome. Majority of individuals and businesses appreciate swift transfer and the only way to get the ideal company that delivers promptly is to compare options as reviewed on this site. This definitely will help you with the best and fastest alternative to banks.

Transfer fees and rate

This has to do with the money factor. As we help provide accurate unbiased reviews and comparisons of global fund transfer companies, this will help you understand which company offers the lowest transfer fees, yet very efficient service. Knowing this very important factor will help in monetary savings which can be significant for individuals/businesses that transfer huge amounts. When you enjoy exchange rates & minimal or no transfer fees that are favorable, you get to save much in the process.

Destination Countries

This has to do with location factor. Knowing well that few money transfer companies can function efficiently in one particular location or country, individuals that live in other locations or countries might have to use some other providers in order to benefit from desired service provision. Our reviews and comparisons of these international money transfer companies will help you know the most efficient provider in your location whether you live in the United States, Canada, Africa, India, Europe, Australia, or China among others.

User friendliness

This helps to address individual needs. We believe one factor that is essential when comparing and reviewing money transfer companies is that of how easy it is for users to utilize the features of the company’s website. Does the provider offer easy site navigation and is there an option for transferring money to a bank account or is there a cash pick-up location, among others?

Currency support

Does the money transfer company offer diverse options for currency support, and do they provide payment options with credit card, debit card or other means? Providing clear-cut reviews and comparisons for these providers will help you determine what works best in your location/country with regards to currencies being supported.


The reviews and comparisons help you know which companies to choose and those that have high reputation with respect to top level security. This is a factor that must be considered deeply as no one would like his or her money transactions compromised by security loopholes.

Customer Support

Some companies have 4 or 5 star customer support and others are just there lagging behind. The reviews and comparisons will help you understand the kind of support you will get from any of the providers with regards to swift response by phone, email, live chat, FAQs, guides, etc.

Global Money Transfer Companies Reviewed and Compared

eCompareFX reviews and compares only the best global money transfer companies in the marketplace. You won’t find any bias in the reviews and comparisons on this website and there is no favoritism for any particular company. We strive to deliver to readers – accurate information about the most recent offers provided by these companies. Below is a list of listed international money transfer companies reviewed and compared head to head. Click on any of the providers to find out which is the best global money transfer company in your location/country.

PayPal Payoneer
Currencyfair Tranferwise
OFX (Formerly OzForex) Fortierpay
HFZ OzForex
USForex UKForex
CanadianForex NZForex
Currencies Direct Torforex
WorldFirst Azimo
FC Exchange WordRemit
Xoom Currency Solutions
Moneycorp RationalFX
Ria FairFX
InstaReM OrbitRemit
EasyFX TransferMate
MoneyGram Western Union
XendPay XE Money Transfer
Moneybooker Upcoming…

Note: We’ll gradually updating and expanding our list and link to the review content once published on our platform from the above table.