Yen strengthen amid international trade tension and US interest rate cut

Yen Strengthen Amid International Trade Tension and US Interest Rate Cut

The tension between the US and China is affecting international trade in many ways. One of them was the drop in US dollar rate...
Tether and Bitfinex faces a new lawsuit for fraud and market manipulation

Tether and Bitfinex Faces a New Lawsuit for Fraud and Market Manipulation

Tether has a firm position in the cryptocurrency market. Along with other spot-trading platforms, this digital currency uses Bitfinex to exchange with other digital...

Xoom Receives a 5-Star Rating for its Trustworthiness, Ease, and Affordability

Choosing the most appropriate money transfer service depends on preferences. Some of us prefer entirely online, whereas some still prefer bricks and mortar banking...

Trump Administration May Ban Petro; the Venezuelan Government-Backed Cryptocurrency

The US and South American nation Venezuela is not in very comfortable terms from the last few years. The US government has always accused...
13 October is the day to transfer money to your son

13 October is the Day to Transfer Money to Your Son

Sending money to friends and family living abroad is common. However, it is not very common to find that there is a dedicated day...
Cryptocurrency transactions will no longer be anonymous in the next few years

Cryptocurrency Transactions Will No Longer be Anonymous in the Next Few Years

The cryptocurrency firms are trying to adopt an anti-money-laundering standard after the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) makes it mandatory for them this June....
Launching of FB’s cryptocurrency Libra will not be easy said Global Central Banks

Launching of FB’s Cryptocurrency Libra will Not be Easy Said Global Central Banks

A recent meeting among Facebook, J.P. Morgan, and Bank for International Settlements (BIS) show a tough journey for the cryptocurrencies Libra of Facebook and...

Betterment Can be a Perfect Online Cash Management Account for You

Cash Management Account (CMA) is an excellent alternative to conventional banking. Run by non-banking financial service providers, CMA offers both service and features under...
EURO Gain New Strength Over USD Thanks to the Latest ECB Stimulus

EURO Gain New Strength Over USD: Thanks to the Latest ECB Stimulus

Euro’s journey for the last few years was not smooth. It already saw many vicissitudes along with some significant financial events. However, its rate...

Recent Asian and European Financial Sessions left the Market Without any Specific Trend

The EUR/USD trading was going on a hop for the last few days. Before rising to $1.105, the rate went down to $1.0927 that...
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